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KOMPAS.com – urban communities often encounter problems clogged toilet. The tenant dishwasher clogged the channel to see the remnants of food. The smell any odor often emanating from the sewer settlement.

If the cause is organic material, decomposing bacteria can remedy the situation. Decomposing bacteria selected from the types of anaerobic bacteria.

Anaerobic bacteria is a type of bacteria that do not require oxygen to survive and breed. Contaminated with anaerobic bacteria grow without free air. One of them growing in the dung of animals that are still in the stomach.

There are two ways to obtain it. The first way, take the anaerobic bacteria from feces in the stomach of slaughtered animals. The second method, taking dirt from inside the stomach of cattle was kept alive. This method uses medical technology with fistula surgery.

Fistula surgery to create a channel retrieval from cattle dung in the stomach without causing the animal to death. Scientifically proven to contain at most anaerobic bacteria in the rumen, ie the first ventral in ruminant animals. This section lies between the esophagus and stomach nets.

“Dirt-containing anaerobic bacteria may be taken every day from fistula surgery animals,” said Suryadi, a researcher at the Center for Radioactive Waste Technology National Nuclear Energy Agency (Batan), Sunday (21.3.2010) in Jakarta.

Batan since 2006 to develop a research utilization of anaerobic bacteria derived from livestock that fistula surgery. Animals selected cows and buffaloes.

“Operation fistula was performed on three cows and a buffalo. At the first trial resulted in a dead cow,” said Suryadi.

Animals to be operated fistula must be over two years. Every morning, faeces can be taken through a hole in the side of the fistula surgery on the stomach of a cow or buffalo.

Intake of liquid manure in the form of about 120 milliliters, but it contains millions of anaerobic bacteria are ready to bred.

Furthermore, bacteria can be used for various purposes, among others, to produce materials peluruh organic ingredients that cause blocks in the toilet, sink, sink lines, and so forth.

“Batan itself developed for a mixture of dried fodder. Feeding cattle with the content of anaerobic bacteria (engineered in a state of suspended animation) will help the digestive processes of livestock,” said Suryadi.

Anaerobic bacteria previously engineered so that a dead faint when it will come back alive into the animal’s stomach along with food that is consumed. With anaerobic bacteria supplement, food digestion process becomes faster.


Suryadi been also assisting small and medium scale enterprises for productive enterprises anaerobic bacteria. One of them, Multipurpose Cooperative Agro Makmur Enterprises in Karanganyar, Central Java.

Budi Soelaiman Sunarto, as the founder of the cooperative, said that bacteria can breed processes conducted at the level of rural farmers with abundant raw materials. Cooperative made with products that are branded “BioJoos”.

“The media can use the milled rice husk or tubers are used as flour,” said Budi.

According to Budi, the first step, namely rice husk flour to prepare media or tubers. Cattle dung that has been taken and squeezed. Juice contains a source of bacteria. Water is then mixed with flour or flour husks tubers. “His name is the process of probiotics,” he said.

That process should be minimized so that contaminated air content of aerobic bacteria (bacteria that require oxygen) can not flourish in the media.

Media flour husks or tubers that have been mixed with bacteria and then diperam nerds in tightly closed containers. Diperam duration up to two weeks, but once every two days should be flip-flops for a few minutes.

The process is completed after two weeks diperam. Media flour husks or tubers of anaerobic bacteria that already contains a dead faint and ready to use.

“If it will not be used immediately, should be packed into a sealed plastic,” said Budi.

Recommended product storage at a temperature of 30 degrees celsius in a sealed condition so that anaerobic bacteria can remain dormant and survive for many years.

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Berdasarkan pengujian lapangan yang telah dilakukan pada hari Sabtu tanggal 30 Januari 2010 di depan wisma tamu Pepiptek, dinyatakan bahwa :

Peneliti Utama : Soelaiman Budi Sunarto,SH, MM, MBA

Jabatan : Pimpinan Tim Peneliti

Lembaga : Agro Makmur

Alamat : Jl. Joko Songo No. 33 Doplang Karangpandan

    Karanganyar Jawa Tengah

Telah diadakan uji lapangan, sebagai berikut :

  1. Motor 2 tak dengan beban +/- 100 kg (2 orang) dapat dijalankan dengan bioetanol berkadar 80-85% dengan jarak tempuh 30-35 km dengan menggunakan bioetanol sebanyak 1 liter.

    Selain itu bioetanol kadar 80-85 % tersebut juga mampu digunakan untuk motor 4 tak dengan beban yang sama dengan jarak tempuh 35-40 km/liter bioetanol.

  1. Genset 1000 watt juga dapat dinyalakan dalam waktu 50 menit/liter bioetanol kadar 85 % dengan beban pemakaian daya output 500 watt, sedangkan genset 2500 watt mampu menyala dalam waktu 30 menit/liter bioetanol kadar 85 % dengan beban yang sama.
Demikian surat keterangan ini dibuat dengan sesungguhnya sesuai dengan kaidah ilmiah yang dapat dipertanggungjawabkan.

                  Direktur Eksekutif,

Dr.-Ing. Pudji Untoro